We are encouraged that you have been led to visit our website. We are confident that you will decide to become a part of this great move of God, to build, empower and showcase the various areas and degrees of Performing Arts within the Christian community.

As Christians, we must be committed to demanding entertainment viewing and listening standards, which reflect our lifestyle as Children of God and not the opinions and desires of the world. We must not compromise our covenant with God, to live a lifestyle, which depicts our proclamation and God's law according to His written word, the Bible.

We seek, through the Christian Performing Arts Network, to teach the gospel of the kingdom of Jesus Christ by  providing Christians with empowering entertainment that inspires, empowers and  motivates them to come into a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. 

In addition, we strive to encourage millions to support Christian entertainment that represents and depicts the lifestyle of a Christian and the will of God concerning them.
Be God's Vessel for Churches and Ministries Seeking Performing Arts Presentations and Networking.
We are committed and believe that you will commit, with us, to be there for the church and ministry community, in providing them with Christian performing arts presentations, that are spiritually anointed, entertaining and spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.